Monday, December 07, 2009

Mystery Google Missions

CONGRATS! You've found my BLOG! sad thing is... i don't blog very often. SOO... continue to a way to contact me... if you dare!

Saturday, March 28, 2009


This week has been quick a week indeed. We started with PSSAs Monday and Tuesday. Taking those days away from my school assignments. That puts us at Wednesday, when I put up our new TV antenna after running all around to get the needed parts...only to find we don't get Big Bang Theory. Ok, so mom will go get an additional 10' of pole to mount it on. How are Hermanita and myself going to mount this thing 20 feet up with no more ladder than a 2' step ladder for kitchen use?! Well, Hermanita got on the house, myself on the shed, and we did it...recieving far more channels than what's broadcast from the one tower it's pointed towards (Yay!). However, we are still limited to something like 10 - 20 channels. Who Cares! It's Free! (or at least it will be 6 months from now once it's paid for itself) Right, so this puts us to thursday, where I left at 8:30 in the morning to go to work, got off work at 3:30, went to Teen Media Club at the library from 5:30 to 7:30, then went straight over to spanish night, which is 6:30 - about 8:30. Actually left spanish night around 8:40, got home just in time to see Micheal voted off American Idol! BOO!!! Then Friday....a mad dash to get as much school work done in the morning (mom went out Friday morning to get the additional hardware for the TV antenna), put it up for real after lunch then got ready for my swim team banquet. Had a blast this year was a really nice towel. Got home around 10:30 and CRASHED. woke up today at 9 and hit the ground running starting with cleaning the kitchen, then doing hw with a brief break to go to the park with my mom for Earth Hour Board Games in the park. However, due to both people planning it being sick at one time or another during the planning/execution period attendance totaled 2: My mom...and me. But wait! There were, however, creepy (and I think, somewhat homeless) people there drinking and yelling and cursing. Oh the fun we had! got home around 2 and continued blasting through my homework. Got most of it done, I can finish for now, I am chairing for a while.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

Just another day

So today was pretty bland...Slept in, Mom, Madtrastra and Sister went to go prom shopping. I passed. Watched Patch Adams (Royally Awesome Movie!!!) Cleaned up, and partially fixed a broken drawer. Later, while sister was at work, mom, madrastra and I watched Undercover Blues (Hilarious!!!!) And thus I end my day. 

Tomorrow Sister's new boyfriend is coming over for lunch to meet the times!


Friday, March 20, 2009


So mi hermanita (my sister) and I are taking Spanish II this semester. I just stayed up an hour after I usually do to help her turn in her mid-term before the 11:55pm deadline...tonight. It may seem strange that I'm niehter a night-owl, nor a morning bird (are owls not birds?). I just like sleep. Early to bed and late to rise make for a well rested teenager. :)

OK, so I have just been subjected to the horrific stylings of Pierce Brosnan's singing. I mean, the song is great, and Colin Firth sounds awesome...My sister summed it up nicely, his singing is remeniscent of an African Water Buffalo in heat. XD

So moving on to yet another different subject, I was invited to a party today...and couldn't go. Mid-terms suck. On the bright side, I don't have any homework to do tomorrow. I get to sleep in! 

And on the note of sleeping, I end another blog post. 


Thursday, March 19, 2009

Alexis Grace?!

Why?! She's so small and cute and has an amazing voice! Come on America! No offense Scott, but you're the one that should have left. Alexis wanted to show her softer side, and did! Scott's performance just wasn't on par with his other performances. 

OK, now I have made my peace with that. Moving on the the heart break that is Micheal's life right now. That poor guy. Last night, on live TV he told the heart-wrenching story about how his 3 1/2 year old daughter pulled him aside last week to ask "Why don't you want to be with me anymore?" Megan Joy summed it up with "That just touched/broke my heart." 

And now, my short commentary on American Idol last night is over, and I must move on to my other duties in life.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spanish Night

So I just got home from spanish night, learned a bunch of cool things. Since it is almost time for American Idol, I am going to go watch that, then post my opinion/review of America's decision (don't let me down Uncle Sam!)

Starting Anew

After a conversation with my best friend, I decided to come back to blogging. Chances are, very few people will actually read this, but hey, I gotta find something new to do. I figure this can be something along the lines of "The life of Tommy." Friends can read it to get a better idea of who I am, distant family can read it to feel closer to me, despite the physical milage. I haven't done much new with this yet, but I can asure you, if anyone is actually reading this, better looks are coming.