Friday, March 20, 2009


So mi hermanita (my sister) and I are taking Spanish II this semester. I just stayed up an hour after I usually do to help her turn in her mid-term before the 11:55pm deadline...tonight. It may seem strange that I'm niehter a night-owl, nor a morning bird (are owls not birds?). I just like sleep. Early to bed and late to rise make for a well rested teenager. :)

OK, so I have just been subjected to the horrific stylings of Pierce Brosnan's singing. I mean, the song is great, and Colin Firth sounds awesome...My sister summed it up nicely, his singing is remeniscent of an African Water Buffalo in heat. XD

So moving on to yet another different subject, I was invited to a party today...and couldn't go. Mid-terms suck. On the bright side, I don't have any homework to do tomorrow. I get to sleep in! 

And on the note of sleeping, I end another blog post. 



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